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National Geographic January 1979 innocents in the rushing stream open savanna
National Geographic January 1979
Photographs & Article by W. Jesco von Puttkamer : Man in the Amazon: Stone Age Present Meets Stone Age Past
National Geographic January 1979 City of the Angel share earthly beauties Rodeo Drive
The City of the Angels has more than its share of earthly beauties, some with the means to shop on exclusive Rodeo Drive.
National Geographic January 1979 - Photographs Jodi Cobb
Article by William S. Ellis : Los Angeles: City in Search of Itself
National Geographic March 1979 Cleo Parker Robinson call up good spirit and dance Denver Colorado
Cleo Parker Robinson
National Geographic March 1979 - Photographs David Cupp
Article by John J. Putman : Denver, Colorado's Rocky Mountain High
National Geographic Avril 1979 bride of tradition Prague in Winter
National Geographic April 1979 - Photographs Nathan Benn
Article by Peter T. White : Old Prague in winter
National Geographic May 1979 farmer couple Western Canada
National Geographic May 1979 - Photographs Craig Aurness
Article by Ethel A. Starbird : The People who Made Saskatchewan
National Geographic August 1979 North Yemen Modern office skills typists
National Geographic August 1979 - Photographs Steve Raymer
Article by Noel Grove : Once a crossroads for the frankincese trade, now a flash point in global politics North Yemen
National Geographic May 1979 Pat Montandon Alfred Wilsey California vine
Pat Montandon (with parasol) and her husband, Alfred Wilsey
National Geographic May 1979 - Photographs Charles O'Rear
Article by Moira Johnston : Napa, California's Valley of the vine
National Geographic August 1979 sculptor of hair village Talat Girls
National Geographic August 1979 - Photographs Michael and Aubine Kirtley
Article by Michael and Aubine Kirtley : The Inadan Artisans of the Sahara
National Geographic Sept 1979 Gwen Carpenter farmer girl Bayou Sorrel
Gwen Carpenter
National Geographic Sept 1979 - Photographs C. C. Lockwood
Article by Jack and Anne Rudloe : Louisiana's Atchafalaya Trouble in Bayou Country
National Geographic Sept 1979 Bikini girl hose down the site of an ancient pond
National Geographic Sept 1979 - Photographs Kerby Smith
Article by Thomas Y. Canby : The search for The First  Americans
National Geographic Sept 1979 Secretary Sawsan Kanter Gold-lace robe family fest
Secretary Sawsan Kanter
National Geographic Sept 1979 - Photographs Steeve Raymer
Article by Thomas J. Abercrombie : Bahrain: Hub of the Persian Gulf
National Geographic Oct 1979 Fiber optical cable link
National Geographic Oct 1979 - Photographs Fred Ward
Article by Allen A. Boraiko : Fiber optics Harnessing light by a thread
National Geographic Nov 1979 Young girl Asiatic Hong Kong refugee
National Geographic Nov 1979 - Photographs William Albert Allard
Article by William S. Ellis : Hong Kong's Refugee Dilemma
National Geographic Nov 1979 Girls teeshirt yellow Ready Hawaii
National Geographic Nov 1979 - Photographs Robert W. Madden
Article by Gordon Young : Which way Oahu
National Geographic Dec 1979 - Photography H Edward Kim
Center André Kim, right Chang Mee-Hi, left Chun Won-Ki.
National Geographic Dec 1979 - Photographs H. Edward Kim
Article by H. Edward Kim : Seoul: Korean Showcase